I’m a Toronto based freelance Photographer. Born and raised in Toronto from Chilean immigrant parents, throughout my childhood I would frequently travel to Chile on family vacations – camera in hand. As a Canadian born, I was fortunate to experience the cultural and social differences of my parent’s homeland, while photographing, and documenting my travels. My trips to Chile have had a major impact on my photographic style & direction. Chile’s vast political history is a great inspiration of mine, along with music and literature. My father was an amateur photographer, which made cameras readily available to me ever since a young age, which helped to develop my eye for photography. Throughout my young career as a freelance photojournalist, I’ve covered major news stories such as the Toronto G20, Occupy Movement, Black Lives Mater, political campaigns of Rob Ford and Kathleen Wynne, and have shot for Team Canada during the 2015 Pan Am Games, covering Canadian athletes compete throughout the games in most major sports competitions. My photography service is available in and around the Greater Toronto Area, and available to travel. I can be reached bellow for inquieres about my services, and prints. 

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