Ford Nation - A Social documentary series of the passionate and devoted following of former Toronto Mayor Rob Ford, and brother Doug Ford during Rob’s run for mayor in the 2014 mayoral race. Rob Ford, year after year has throw an annual Ford Picnic, where he invites his supporters to come out and rally together. 2014’s picnic was ever so special, as it coincided with his run for mayor. 2014 proved to be a detrimental year for the ford brothers, scandal after scandal, the Ford brothers seemed to be digging their own graves as the year progressed. This comes after a -just as eventful 2013, where Rob Ford was videotaped smoking crack cocaine, initially denying the allegations, Rob Ford eventually came clean to the media -shocking his following seemed to remain intact. His 2014 picnic proved just that, his following remained strong for the later part of the year, even after coming clean to the media admitting his faults, and asking for forgiveness a countless amount of time. Ford Nation is a series I worked on, highlighting the passion and devotion of his supporters.

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